Traduceri Syncro Translation


What is a Translation Memory (TM)?

A TM is a DataBase where we store all the translations within your projects,in the form of bilingual files.
Let’s say that you have a phrase of a warranty chapter in a user manual of a device that you produce or sell. Most likely, this phrase will be identical in the user manual of a similar product that you want to translate later. When you send us a translation request for a new user manual, we analyze the new manual using the translation memory stored for the respective couple of languages and we find that we have already translated that phrase for you previously. We offer a 100% discount for the identical phrase because we have already translated it and you don’t have to pay twice for the same sentence. Now, think about your yearly product catalogue. You usually only make a few changes for the next release. Why pay for the translation of the entire catalogue? Maybe you have made just a few changes. You will pay only for the translation of those changes. The remaining is already translated in the translation memory.

Can you translate any type of files?

Yes, we can. So far, there has been no file type that we cannot translate, but we are looking forward to new challenges. Whether you are sending us a picture taken with your mobile phone, a .dwg technical drawing, or a complex file exported from a software you want to translate, we do it well. In addition, we are happy to find the best solution for your project.

Can I receive the translation in a hard copy by courier?

Yes. If you need a certified translation, we print it, stamp it, and send it to you by courier.

Can I use existing translations to pay less?

If you already have documents translated by another language service provider, we can create a translation memory from them. However, these translations must be of good quality and formatting of the source text must be identical to that of the translation. If these conditions are met, we apply a discount for the parts already translated.

What does the acronym csi stand for?

The number of characters in a text, including spaces between words.

Can I calculate the price of a translation myself?

If you have a document in MS Word, it is enough to press the Word count button in the Review menu and divide the total number of characters with spaces included to 1800. Do not forget to tick include textboxes, footnotes and endnotes. You will get the number of pages. Then access home page, choose the source language (the one of the text you want to translate), the language you want to translate the text into, and press the button Calculate. The calculation does not include the discounts we apply for repetitions, translation memory, large volume. The final price is, in most cases, lower than the one you calculated.
If you have to translate other types of files such as tables, scans, .csv, InDesign, .html files, pictures, scans, .pdf files or any other type of which you cannot calculate the number of pages yourself, send it to the following e-mail address [email protected] and we will send you a free quotation as soon as possible.

What is a discount for repetitions?

Repetitions are identical segments that repeat within the text, within a file, or between multiple files.
For example, let’s say you have a table of products that stretches across multiple pages and the table head is found on each page. You pay the latter’s translation only once, being identical (repetitive) on the other pages. The same will happen with table heads that are identical in all the files you send us.