Can I calculate the price of a translation myself?

If you have a document in MS Word, it is enough to press the Word count button in the Review menu and divide the total number of characters with spaces included to 1800. Do not forget to tick include textboxes, footnotes and endnotes. You will get the number of pages. Then access home page, choose the source language (the one of the text you want to translate), the language you want to translate the text into, and press the button Calculate. The calculation does not include the discounts we apply for repetitions, translation memory, large volume. The final price is, in most cases, lower than the one you calculated.
If you have to translate other types of files such as tables, scans, .csv, InDesign, .html files, pictures, scans, .pdf files or any other type of which you cannot calculate the number of pages yourself, send it to the following e-mail address and we will send you a free quotation as soon as possible.