What is a Translation Memory (TM)?

A TM is a DataBase where we store all the translations within your projects,in the form of bilingual files.
Let’s say that you have a phrase of a warranty chapter in a user manual of a device that you produce or sell. Most likely, this phrase will be identical in the user manual of a similar product that you want to translate later. When you send us a translation request for a new user manual, we analyze the new manual using the translation memory stored for the respective couple of languages and we find that we have already translated that phrase for you previously. We offer a 100% discount for the identical phrase because we have already translated it and you don’t have to pay twice for the same sentence. Now, think about your yearly product catalogue. You usually only make a few changes for the next release. Why pay for the translation of the entire catalogue? Maybe you have made just a few changes. You will pay only for the translation of those changes. The remaining is already translated in the translation memory.