We are the promoters of quality language and graphic services in Romania. Our extremely modern approach to communications and processes is what makes us stand out. Thanks to our intensive research and implementation of technologies and procedures, the entire workflow develops simply and efficiently for our customers, staff and suppliers.
Initially launching as a translation agency specialised exclusively in business-to-business translations, over time we have become the first linguistic and visual identity agency in Romania – all due to the requests of our clients! Today, we deal with all kinds of business documents, from text to graphic and visual details, paying close attention to each language and country of destination. Our ethical and transparent work processes paired with our pool of verified and validated professionals help us establish healthy and long-lasting relationships. Native speakers of a range of languages operating as professional translators, skilled graphic designers, linguistic experts from various fields of activity, interpreters and brand specialists are overseeing by our Quality Assurance Department to guarantee that all output is of the highest standard and in line with ISO standards.
We provide translation services for all types of documents (brochures, catalogues, technical and user manuals, product detils, leaflets, booklets, specialised magazines, scientific articles, specifications, tender documents, and more). Our service packages are systemised in accordance with specific quality levels to guarantee flexibility and optimised costs.
The greatest testament to our exacting standards and professionalism is undoubtedly our repeat clients and the exceptional percentage of new customers who find us through word-of-mouth.



Founding Member

Licensed in engineering, specialised in AutoCAD and with a solid background in technical translations, Dragoș brings a unique combination of know-how to Syncro. Since the very beginning, he has been in charge of the administrative department, having successfully managed all of our commercial rapports and those with our external collaborators.


Founding Member

When you have an analyst in your team with extensive experience in time, task, people and project management, paired with high-level technical and IT knowledge, you know you are in good hands. Every day, Fabian ensures Syncro operates as a modern high-tech company in all operations.


Production Director

He knows all there is to know about your projects. He coordinates the entire team to ensure the business runs smoothly, masterfully combining his communication abilities with his management skills.


Graphic Designer

Passionate about art, drawing and graphic design, Oana magically transforms documents and images to ensure all visual output exceeds our clients’ exacting expectations.


Production Assistant

George supervises the entire project management process, ensuring all documents are ready along with analysing files, drawing up the service proposals and much more. Despite being the newest in our team, we already can't imagine our work life without him!


We work with over 700 translators, which makes it easier for us to fulfil translation requests from and to almost any language. Nomatter where they are located around the world, all of our partner translators respect the Syncro values.
Hundreds of millions of translated words, fruitful and long-lasting collaborations, satisfied customers and the gratification of a job well done—this is what brings us joy each day.
We work with over 800 recurring customers worldwide, with more than half of having chosen us based on recommendations. We successfully completed over 7,000 projects, totaling over 375,000 translated pages and 200,000+ DTP pages.


The internal Quality Assurance Department. In-house training for all collaborators. Certifications to European standards.


The in-house Graphics and DTP department. We convert and process any type of file and are able to create layouts, templates, posters, roll-ups… anything you may need.


95%+ customer retention rate. Free trial before submitting an order. The peace of mind that comes from trusting in complete professionals!


Thanks to our top-level experienced graphic designers, our projects exceed expectations.


The technologies collaborators we utilise enable us to provide short delivery times.


All our price offers reflect our transparency and ethics, ensuring you know what you are signing up for, the services you are selecting, with no hidden or artificially inflated costs.


Only choose what you need. There are no mandatory extras. Our goal is to deliver your project with maximum speed and accuracy.


Upon request, we can provide a package containing everything your business needs: text creation or adapation, graphic design, branding, digitalisation, promotion and more.


We’d rather let our customers speak about the quality of our work.

"We work very well with Syncro Translation Services, both for interpreting at our events and for translations. We appreciate the quality of the services offered, as well as the professionalism that Syncro has proven each time. The staff is flexible, open-minded and can come up with customized solutions, according to customer's needs, which helped us a lot."
Forbes Romania
"EXIMPROD thanks the Syncro Translation Services team for the prompt, high quality and professional collaboration in providing translation services for commercial and technical documentation."
"Thank you very much for your fast processing of our order. We received the translation in perfect order. We are very pleased with your professional conduct, service quality and processing times. We intend to continue working with you, as initially set out, whenever we require your services."
Newlong Holland B.V.
"A professional translation of our menus from Romanian into English is of an utmost importance for our App. It helps us provide a better user experience on Uber Eats. Syncro has proven to be a loyal, prompt and serious business partner. Fast and accurate translations is what will make this partnership a long-term one."
Uber Eats
"Syncro is a team of experts who take translations very seriously. They are incredibly skilled, fast, and offer high quality services at competitive prices. We preferred them from other language service providers for a lot of reasons: they are extremely responsive, obsessed about details, short delivery times, they are always available and prompt. The team is highly organized and precise, yet very friendly with their customers. I absolutely recommend working with them."
"Syncro Translation Services provides accurate and fast turn around time on translations. They are extremely responsive to requests and needs, and this is a big plus from a service perspective. There's plenty of translation companies out there, but Syncro is dedicated to service, quality, and is fairly priced as well!"
Sika AG
"The people we’ve worked with managed everything with the utmost seriousness, professionalism and promptness. They helped us whenever we needed, and projects deadlines were more than fast. Thank you and hope to have a collaboration at least as good as the one until this moment!"
"We’ve found a reliable business partner, a team we highly recommend for several reasons: accurate translations, professionalism, seriousness, promptness and fairness."
"We’ve been working with the translation company, Syncro Translation for about 2 years now and, every time, without exception, we’ve received the required translations on time and in the desired format. They are fair, efficient, real professionals."
"We are very satisfied with the promptness and the quality of the services offered. I would highly recommend you to our partners as well."
"Convenient offers, promptness, quality and style. A team with which you work and communicate efficiently, easily, and, even more important, fast!"
"For Dexion, as part of an international group with offices in 17 countries where Romania serves as a regional center for Eastern Europe, finding a reliable translation service was an urgent necessity.We had collaborated with many translation companies until we’ve contracted Syncro Translations, company that has become our main supplier in this area due to the combination of good quality translation, promptness, reliability and fair prices. ..."
"We started working with Syncro Translation a year ago. We most appreciate their professionalism, the customer service, and the quality of the translations, as well as their effort to always meet our deadlines. We would absolutely recommend Syncro translation to anyone looking for reliable translation services."
Eisenberg Paris
"To us, Syncro is a reliable partner, which we strongly recommend for many reasons, the most important being: the correct translation of material, the consistent level of professionalism, the unfailingly prompt delivery of translations and, last, but certainly not least, the flexibility we received when we needed it. Thank you."
"We've been working with SyncroTranslations for over a year. We have a large volume of translations for mainly web pages and we require their services every month. There has never been a delay in handing over the work, moreover, we've often received it earlier than originally planned. We even help our partners put together their web pages through SyncroTranslations. We are very pleased by the variety of languages and skilled personnel as well as the reliability and availability that they show."
BET 1128
"We started working with Syncro Translation hoping that we would find a partner that we could rely on in extreme situations.Their accuracy, reliability, compliance with deadlines and the responsibility with which they treated our requests prove that we were not wrong to trust them.Even if we don't have a very long partnership, we are confident that a long and beautiful collaboration awaits us."
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