You send us the files you want to translate

We analyze them and send you the best offer, making sure we’ve applied the 100% discount for the parts that repeat and have already been translated.

The project manager assigned is ready to immediately answer any question or query.

You accept the offer, we prepare the files to be translated, we choose the best resources for your project and… start!

The project manager assigned ensures a smooth progress for the project. Is attentive to the details decided together with you and makes sures that they are implemented.

The translation is completed, it is send directly to the quality department for correction, revision. Depending on the package chosen by you, we arrange the document in the form requested, then we check again, so that you can send it directly to print.

We send you the translation in the form specified in the offer.

You receive the invoice and you have 15 days to pay. Generally, you pay and we thank you!

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